Repeater Registration


**** MMDVM, DV4MINI, openSPOT, DVMEGA, and all other hotspot type devices do NOT require a separate ID, use an existing ID only, do NOT request an ID for them ****
If you own more then one hotspot, use your personal ID number and add a 2 digit suffix, example: Radio ID 3020111, use 302011101, 302011102, ect.
NEVER operate multiple hotspot within range of eachother on the same frequency even with different ID's. This will create serious network issues in most cases.
Hotspots do not require repeater ID's.

--== This process is for NOT for EU / Africa Region users, If you are from one of these regions and require an ID, Please proceed to to register for an account.==--
To register a Repeater on the system, you must first have an Account, if you have not registered, please proceed to the Register link in the menu above. DO NOT register the repeater callsign, Repeater's are registered under YOUR callsign/Account. Register an account for yourself, then request repeater allocations.

Once you have an account, you must make sure you have a Verified License uploaded.


This is the "Account Verifications" section, here we can see if some of our checks and balances are correct, including Callsign Verification, which is required for Repeater or NXDN allocations.

Callsign Verified must say 'License'

Verification Section Image

If your License has not been verified, you will see an upload section, please upload your License before contacting support, If your License is not verified, We will ask, so please do it first.

Callsign Verified must say 'License'

License Upload Image

Once your License has been uploaded and verified, you can contact support via the Support link tab above and request allocations. Someone will then give you the required allocations.

Once you receive an email from Support saying you have been given allocations, you must login to your account, proceed to the Tab as indicated below in green, Where you will now have a button to Self Assign your new ID.

Repeater Tab Image

Once you have Assigned an ID, it is available for use Immediately. Should you require additional ID's, please reach out to support.
Please consider donating to help keep this service going. Donations are accepted but not required for service, Donations do not imply any special service or privilege

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