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Today there have been:
  • 7 new users signed up
  • 25 DMR ID's assigned
  • 1 NXDN ID's assigned
  • 1 new repeaters added
Last 7 days there were:
  • 359 new users signed up
  • 404 DMR ID's assigned
  • 17 NXDN ID's assigned
  • 10 new repeaters added
Last 30 days there were:
  • 1591 new users signed up
  • 1680 DMR ID's assigned
  • 89 NXDN ID's assigned
  • 54 new repeaters added
In total:
  • We have 92072 users
  • We've issued 109531 DMR ID's
  • with Ham-Digital's 69235 ID's, we have a global network of 178766 DMR ID's
  • We've issued 2443 NXDN ID's
  • There are 4847 repeaters world wide

Need some help?
Check out our new Map, Showing almost all repeaters in our system with Coordinates. Talk Group info is also now available on Database Searches as well as links to Map Info.

Click the map image to the right to view in real time. map_link

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