• 8 New DMR ID's
  • 0 New NXDN ID's
  • 1 New Repeater ID's
Last 7 days:
  • 394 New DMR ID's
  • 45 New NXDN ID's
  • 16 New Repeater ID's
Last 30 days:
  • 1795 New DMR ID's
  • 158 New NXDN ID's
  • 57 New Repeater ID's
In total:
  • We have a global network of 263125 DMR ID's
  • We have issued 10465 NXDN ID's
  • There are 9956 repeaters worldwide

Try out our new Contact Generator!

  • Live up-to-date data, We are the Worldwide Source, everywhere else is STALE data.
  • Easily generate as many personalized lists as you like and associate them with different radio formats.
  • Include the latest Brandmeister TG's in your generated lists.
  • No radio Format! No Problem! We have a custom formatter so you can generate any kind of format you like!
  • As the Database size grows, it will be more important than ever to have the ability to trim your contact lists.
Just click on the "Contacts" menu link, Make that new radio function how it was intended.

Check out our new Live Database Map

  • Showing almost all repeaters in our system with Coordinates
  • Talk Group info is available in the pins
  • Zoom in to your desired region
  • Data from The repeater Owners Directly
  • Data also derived from RFinder TG Project
Click the map image to the right to view in real time.

Listen live to DMR Audio worldwide


Need some help?
  • BridgeCom Systems has a 3 step DMR guide, a quick start for those who don't really know too much about DMR yet?
    You can also check out their YouTube channel for lots of tips and guidance

  • There is also DMR for dummies, He does a good explanation on how DMR works.
  • Join Jason (KC5HWB) on his YouTube Channel for some hands on product reviews and advice.

  • Radio Support & Information (Many Models)