Today there have been:
  • 9 new users signed up
  • 7 DMR ID's assigned
  • 0 NXDN ID's assigned
  • 1 new repeaters added

Last 7 days there were:
  • 310 new users signed up
  • 376 DMR ID's assigned
  • 9 NXDN ID's assigned
  • 10 new repeaters added

Last 30 days there were:
  • 1390 new users signed up
  • 1617 DMR ID's assigned
  • 30 NXDN ID's assigned
  • 47 new repeaters added

In total:
  • We have 74289 users
  • We've issued 89684 DMR ID's
  • with Ham-Digital's 58952 we have a global network of 148636 DMR ID's
  • We've issued 1881 NXDN ID's
  • There are 6771 repeaters world wide

This DMR ID Registration site is NOT for GMRS, FRS or Commercial DMR IDs. It is only for the Amateur Radio Service. If you are in non-Amateur services, contact those coordinators for IDs, not

The entire world is now on a Sequential MCC scheme. We DO NOT break apart the MCC for individual States/Provinces/Territories.

The MCC was never designed to function this way. It does not work well for larger countries with grouped populations (read USA/Canada).

In order to make the allocations simple and programmatically easier, Both and have agreed on using the Sequential MCC.

All Europe and Africa DMR Registrations must use the website registration. is only for North America, South America, Asia and Oceania.
Please consider donating to help keep this service going. Donations are accepted but not required for service, Donations do not imply any special service or privilege

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